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The regulations of VIP
Publisher:admin     Published:2009-12-17 16:18:00


1 How to apply for a VIP card

You can get a VIP qualification through any methods below

Become an adult VIP by contributing 50 yuan annual fee at one time

Become a student VIP by contributing 20 yuan annual fee at one time

Become a senior VIP by showing your ID

Atomatically become a VIP of us by purchasing any kind of special preference card

Join in the activities which our club recommanded


2 The application,consumption and charge of a VIP card

Our club has adopted the system for regulating VIP card, using computer to identify atomatically, regulate memory and all the things will be done by slotting card .You will feel convinent, safe and quick.

The application: get a application form for VIP, and fill out the form carefully

Consumption: you must show us the card when you want to consume here, and if you are adult VIP, both you and your friends can use it; if you are senior VIP or student VIP, it is yourself use only. You should also show your ID or student card if it is necessary.

Rechargement: all the VIP members can be recharged, you can recharge games or cash  you like , but the money on your card is just for games, you could not use it to  buy other products.


3 Method for preference

Consumption preference: all the money VIP consumed can enjoy the basic price of VIP; the favourable memember could enjoy more preference according to the limit of card.


Our club will posted many kinds of gifts such as bowling card, beverage, fruits etc. according to the address of the VIP apply form.

Accumulation of scores of VIP: VIP consumption accumulated to a fixed extent can enjoy  different rewards. Detailed information see reward for VIP scores plan.

Overflowed activites: Our club will hold many activities and you will get an unexpected suprise!

4 Notes:

All the VIP card should be used during its valid time. Adult VIP card is valid for two years since the registration date; student VIP card is valid for one year since the registraion date.

VIP card could not be used when it is special promotion or favourable quoted price, but can be used as accumulation of consumption.

All the rights of VIP caed and its regulation belongs to our club.


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