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Remy Ong remains undefeated, wins $25,000 in 4th Kingdom International Open
Publisher:admin     Published:2010-4-25 17:38:00
Saudi Arabia
Universal Bowling Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (April 3-8. 2010)
Remy Ong (pictured left) from Singapore remained undefeated in the match play finals of the 4th Kingdom International Open en route to win the title and the $25,000 top prize Thursday at Universal Bowling Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Ong, a two-time World champion and 3-time Asian Games gold medalist defeated Patrick Healey (right), United States, in the title match, 464-383. The PBA champion was consoled with $13,000.
The top 4 qualifiers (seeded 1st-4th) plus the top 12 from Semifinal Round 1 (seeded 5th-16th) advanced to the double-elimination finals All matches were two-game matches decided by total pinfall. The winner of the Winners bracket (Ong) and the winner of the Losers' bracket (Healey) determined the champion.
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